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- Inital relase to the public
- Fixed a bug where the script would show errors on Windows XP machines at the login screen.
- Added functionality to quit the script if Mozilla Firefox wasn't detected as installed.
- Added the "/qb" and "/qn" switches to be able to show or hide the UI for the Windows XP
login screen.
* Mimics the MSI command line switches
* /qb is unattended but shows the log.
* /qn is unattended with no UI at all. (Default)
- Added support to disable the "Default Browser" prompt. (
- Added option to disable the Add-On Startup Wizard implemented in FF 7 & 8.
* extensions.shownSelectionUI
* extensions.autoDisableScope
- Added option to disable telemetry.
* toolkit.telemetry.enabled
* toolkit.telemetry.prompted
* toolkit.telemetry.rejected (Jason Lang)
- Fixed bug with "browser.rights.3.shown" being set as STRING rather than Boolean. Works as intended now.
*toolkit.telemetry.prompted now properly set/working for firefox version(s) through 12.
- Added a German translation thanks to "Snaker" and his blog at
NOTE: This will the last update to the CHANGELOG.txt. All additonal changes will be noted in the
git commit messages.
0.1.4 (James Hawksworth / hawksface)
- Added option to enable checking of System Certificate Store
* security.enterprise_roots.enabled