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Testing PHP and Twig templates for MATC Advanced PHP class
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[WIP] Templating in PHP 👨‍💻

An example to go along with a guest lecture at Madison Area Technical College's Advanced PHP class.

Comparing standard PHP templating practices to Twig.

Setup 🤓

  1. Make sure composer is installed globally or for this project.
  2. Run composer install to install dependencies.
  3. In terminal run php -S localhost:8080 to create a local PHP server (or whatever port you like).
  4. The home page will give you the twig version and this will give you the vanilla PHP version (which currently simulates a scripting "attack" 🙀😱).

The Point of This Execise

To show folks some of the differences and baked-in goodies one gets when using something like twig for templating.

This is using the standard "todo app" concept as a starting point.

Maybe some Resources 🤷‍:

Additions for the [WIP]

  • Add in a couple other templating options (e.g. blade, handlebars, etc.) to explore the similarities and differences.
  • Hook templates up to an API, database, or todo app to show how to work with an API or database.
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