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Wind is spontaneous and often unexpected. It can manifest as a slight breeze, or a powerful gale. It can move in many directions and as a focused force. It can gently spread the seeds of life, and be a fearful force of destruction. Wind can carry a message for miles, even around the world. Wind can be harnessed and turned into energy.

Wind is not the Internet, and it is not the Web. This project is here to figure out, together, what shapes Wind may take.


This is the place from where we will gather resources, ideas, visions, and plans, and work to generate more wind, or wind-y inspired efforts, around the world.

wind farm


  • Read on about the Wind Concept and its attempt to help sort out and create a better understanding of this ever-nascent nearby, inter-device communications space
  • Find out some proposed ideas for Wind Components which make up the basic building blocks of interaction and interaction
  • Understand the Real World Case Studies driving this effort and concept

wind grrl


We aim to convene a number of events on this topic in the coming months, so that we can keep focused on real-world, hands-on, functioning solutions that actually help people and communities sooner rather than later.

You can see the "events" folder for details on upcoming events.

you too can be the wind


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