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This release includes a significant refactoring contributed by Julien Tournay. Giter8 has until now communicated via the github API, being intended for projects hosted on github. This new version replaces the github API with the git protocol as its primary transport.

Github compatibility

The use of Github repository references is still fully supported and encouraged. For example, this command

g8 unfiltered/unfiltered

will discover and apply the public template served by github at this address:


This repository is public, so the attempt to access the repository anonymously succeeds. If it were private the attempt would fail, in which case giter8 would then try an ssh endpoint:

For this operation any relevant ssh keys will be employed; if the keys are associated with a user who has read access to the repository, you're in business.

Generic use

You can now use giter8 with any git URL.

g8 git://



Giter8 also recognizes file URLs of local git repositories, so there's no longer a need for the giter8 sbt plugin to test templates. Just specify the absolute path to the directory of the project.

g8 file:///home/nathan/Programming/unfiltered.g8


Authentication mechanisms used in past versions of giter8 are no longer relevant. If you can clone a repository with git, you can apply a giter8 template hosted there.


If you're using conscript:

cs n8han/giter8
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