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Don't always set x bit on text files #41

inkytonik opened this Issue · 3 comments

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When I use g8 on my Mac OS X 10.7.3 box with any template (e.g. g8 softprops/unfiltered) it creates text files with their user execute bit set. This includes Scala files. The group and world x bits are not set. My umask is 022 which disallows write for group and world, but otherwise has no effect.

This doesn't seem right since these files do not have these bits set when one clones the .g8 template repos. I would expect only things like scripts which have their execute bit set when put in the repo would have it set in a new project created by g8.

The execute bit is correctly set on directories at the moment.


I kind of thought this was weird too.

@eed3si9n eed3si9n closed this in 8623ce5

I think I was using the wrong bit.


Thanks for the quick fix. It seems to be working now in 0.4.1.

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