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g8-scaffold add code generation abilities to giter8, after a project has been generated.


You need to add the plugin to your sbt project, in project/plugins.sbt

addSbtPlugin("net.databinder.giter8" % "giter8-scaffold" % "0.4.6-SNAPSHOT")


giter8 expects scaffold templates to live into src/main/scaffolds in the original g8 template.

Scaffolding files will be copied into the .g8 folder of your project.

Generating code

In the sbt console type:

    g8-scaffold <scaffold_name>

The name of the scaffold is the name of the folder located directly under .g8

Assuming you .g8 folder has the following structure:

     |_ model
     |_ view
     |_ controller

You have 3 different scaffodings available.

To generate a new template, just type g8-scaffold model. As usual, g8 will ask for the variable values, and generate the correct code.

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