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@joescii joescii Adding Presentera 9449dcf
@ChrisCoffey ChrisCoffey Updated giter8 templates (markdown) 608cc80
@anvie anvie add anvie/multiproject template c93e44b
@xuwei-k xuwei-k add xuwei-k/unfiltered-heroku.g8 b48bb14
@JohnLockwood JohnLockwood Updated giter8 templates (markdown) d82b95b
@JohnLockwood JohnLockwood Add codesolid/cassandra 3916e6c
@mefellows mefellows Added Respite SBT Project fe03a84
@sameergarg sameergarg added giter8 template project for team who wants to use scala, play, macwire and reactive mongo 6672822
@joescii joescii Changing my github id to joescii and adding lift-ng.g8 cc48463
@tboloo tboloo Added g8 template for sample scala project with JNA support. 5df5241
@omphe omphe Added omphe scala_cli & Ansible project templates 2fba541
@semberal semberal Slick template added d689a6a
@jimschubert jimschubert Added jimschubert/finatra-app for a Finatra 1.5.3 template c214a66
@ches ches Tableized. 62c8206
@ches ches Additionally mention notable deps specified in the scala-js template e3bc3bb
@ches ches Add Scala.js project template to listing ebd3033
@giTorto giTorto Updated giter8 templates (markdown) 36052d6
@dkristian dkristian Updated location of unfiltered-netty template 3363929
@dobashim dobashim Updated giter8 templates (markdown) 16932f7
@dobashim dobashim Updated giter8 templates (markdown) 127ff36
@dobashim dobashim Updated giter8 templates (markdown) 6d4c03d
@joescii joescii Updated giter8 templates (markdown) 9c62d4f
@cfeduke cfeduke Added akka-scala-sbt reference. bdca1c0
@tysonjh tysonjh add macro paradise template ecc621b
@tysonjh tysonjh Updated giter8 templates (markdown) 9b62713
@tysonjh tysonjh Updated giter8 templates (markdown) c622d44
@pmandera pmandera Corrected url 9847929
@pmandera pmandera Added basic-scala-project with specs2 9fd7735
@akiomik akiomik added sbt-plugin template. 8c21a4f
@mhamrah mhamrah Adding Spray option to mhamrah/sbt c8f735e
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