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What is Pilot?

Pilot is an experimental tool for writing software. It provides a web browser interface for finding, editing, compiling, and running source files. Its minimalistic interface is inspired by the Processing development environment.

Simple Build Tool provides Pilot's build infrastructure while a Unfiltered locally serves its web interface.

How to use?

Download the Pilot application package. On Mac OS X, it contains a double-clickable application. Open it and after some time a web browser will open with Pilot showing the current directory. There may be a lengthy delay as various libraries are downloaded. There will also be a dialog prompting you, awkwardly, to exit Pilot. Don't click OK until you want to do that!

You'll notice a spde-examples folder next to the application. These samples from the Spde project are provided to give you something to do with Pilot. If you select spde-examples in the Pilot browser a new window will open to work with that project, which is composed of many sub-projects. Pilot has to download all of the dependencies of these projects before you can interact with them, so again there may be a lengthy delay. (Adding some user feedback to this process is Pilot's issue #1!)

Once the project interaction window has loaded, you can browse within the project to open and edit files. If there are sub-projects, you must be within one of these in order to run a program. When you see what looks like a "play" button, click it.

Pilot screenshot

Hey (fellow) Linux users!

Pilot works great on a Linux. Just run the start script inside the app bundle,

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