Ad hoc broadcasting on Android
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Shouty Shouty

Shouty is an Android app for ad hoc broadcasting. Using any local wifi network, connected or not to the internet, Shouty serves an mp3 stream from your microphone to anyone who wants to connect.

This could be useful in a setting where you want to carry a message using phones and computers you already have, without depending on external networks and systems. For best results, bring your own wifi.

Get Shouty

Shouty is available in the Android Market, free of charge.

Tested Players

To listen to Shouty to it you need an app to play streaming mp3. We've confirmed support on the following players, by entering in the Shouty broadcast URL as described.

  • Ubuntu, Banshee - Media -> Open Location...
  • Mac OS 10.7, Safari - Location bar
  • Mac OS 10.7, iTunes - Advanced -> Open Stream...
  • Android, ServeStream - Location bar

Shouty and the player must generally be on the same wifi network.


The network protocol is just chunked HTTP. We thought about using Shoutcast/Icecast, but we don't need to interleave track names (although, that might be interesting) and plain HTTP works fine in the players tested.


What to help this project? See the open issues.

Building and Contributing

Just install the Android SDK and NDK, as well as the Scala builder sbt, and also publish-local the current master of android-plugin. And you're done!