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tradesight is a small set of prepared problems on financial analysis. It's also a mix of server and client side application code, using primarily unfiltered and nvd3.

Getting Started

Clone the repository. In the project directory, launch sbt and then execute the run task

> run

After all the dependencies have been fetched and the sources compiled, the web app will be available at http://localhost:8888/static/index.html.

Working the Problems

Most of the problems will probably be solved in ProblemsPlan.scala. This serves the endpoint to data for at least one of the problems. You are free to modify whatever you wish, and of course there are some prepared utilities to help you on your way.

IDE Support

The SBT project includes both the sbt-idea and sbteclipse plugins out of the box. To generate an Idea project, run the gen-idea task in the SBT shell. For Eclipse, run eclipse. For emacs et al, well, you know.