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A learning and competitive platform for identifiying herps.
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HerpetologyPro is a beta tool to teach people to identify herps based on their photos.

I aim to make this a largely crowd sourced project with users uploading their own photos and contributing to the pages on each species. The live version is hosted @ when ready for launch. Get in touch with me if you are interested in contributing to this project. Or feel free to submit a PR.

This project is an exercise in wheel building all forms, games, models, etc, except auth are homegrown.


  • Code should use specie vs species to differentiate the plural, I know that's it's not technically correct but rails heavily relies on singular/plural. Same for genus vs genera etc.
  • When variables are in an order use next and prev as prefixes.
  • Data is plural, datum is singular
  • Taxon is the general term for domain,kindgom,phylum,class,family,order,genus,species, and the plural is taxons


  • Competitive mode tooltips
  • Learning mode tooltips
  • Learning mode reports
  • Messaging
  • Quiz on venomous as well as name
  • React component for forgot password
  • Setup email
  • Show tips on species picker after guess
  • Tip approvals
  • Tip submissions
  • Variable zoom on zoom-in feature
  • Ruby version in gemfile
  • Learn to spell venemous...


  • Google/reddit/fb/myspace/whatever social sign ouath (September 5, 2019) Oh Ya!
  • Learning mode signup prompt after a few questions (like comp mode) (September 5, 2019)
  • Learning mode persistent data with local storage (September 4, 2019)
  • Learning Mode (September 1, 2019)
  • Make sure we have accurate data on venomous species, this may be possible to do by hand (reports will help too) (July 10, 2019)
  • Add "Dead herp" to report options (July 10, 2019)
  • Admin Interface to handle reports (July 7, 2019)
  • Gamification (July 6 ,2019)
  • Scoreboard with most contributions + max 10 users + current_user + accuracy (July 6, 2019)
  • Daily scoreboard (July 6, 2019)
  • All time most accurate (July 6, 2019)
  • Menu / subregion areas with toggles (July 4, 2019)
  • Toggle showing photos of deceased animals (setting for signed in users) (July 3, 2019)
  • Reporting feature, types: (July 3, 2019)
    • Bad ID
    • No Herp
    • Venomous or not
  • React components for sign up / sign in (July 1, 2019)
  • Tag photos by dead/alive (June 31, 2019)
  • Fix genus species capitalization (June 31, 2019)
  • Style this shit (June 31, 2019)
  • Capitalize scientific names correctly (June 26, 2019)
  • Sort out very slow query in region.rb to find subregions with > 6 photograped species (June 25, 2019)
    • This ended up being one of those normalization vs speed problems and the data is quite denormalized now, upside is the queries are lightning fast (:
  • Seperate scientific name and common name accuracy (June 25, 2019)
  • Cache the regions a taxon in found in json so we can import with the seed w/o scraping herpmapper (June 24, 2019)
  • Figure out how to load all the herpmapper photos from a downloaded version so I don't have to keep re'dl'ing them (June 24 ,2019)
  • Build out admin roles for power users (June 23, 2019)
  • Properly handle when there is no common name (June 10, 2019)
    • Herpmapper had common names for all their species
  • Improve region picking (June 10, 2019)
  • Fix whatever in quiz#show is looping (appears to be database related, doesn't happen with sqlite but does with mysql)
  • Tag species by reigon from HerpMapper (June 7, 2019)
  • Streamline seeding into one command vs many rake tasks (June 7, 2019)
  • Start using UserSpeciesDatum model (June 1, 2019)
  • Show percentage correct on prior species (June 1, 2019)
  • Zoom in feature (May 31, 2019)
  • Ensure "photos" scraped are actually photos not html pages titled .jpg, lol that was a weird bug. (May 30, 2019)
  • Migrate to AWS and import herpmapper data (20k images!) (May 29, 2019)
  • Import data from herpmapper (May 28, 2019)
  • Publish alpha 1.0.0 (May 28, 2019)
  • Get in touch with herpmapper about getting data officially (May 25, 2019)
  • Restructure models to support more detailed taxonomy superfamilies etc. (May 24, 2019)
  • Import taxonomy (May 24, 2019)
  • Import images from reddit with rake task (May 24, 2019)
  • Use reddit api to search ALL of a given users posts + the posts url (May 23, 2019)


  1. Configure rb in .env
  2. bundle install
  3. yarn install
  4. Request access to photos from herpmapper, modify their script to preface photos with a_ and d_ for alive/dead, move those folders to the /herpmapper/species directory
  5. rails db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production
  6. rails assets:precompile RAILS_ENV=production
  7. rails s -e production
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