Font building and validation scripts from the DejaVu project
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This is a set of utilities and scripts for building, testing, and validating font files. They come from the DejaVu font project --

A brief description of them is available at ... with a little time, I will import the same descriptions here and update them if need be.

The links on the wiki page above, however, are outdated and dead. The scripts are now online at

This is where I downloaded them.

There is not (IMO) a clear license attached to the contents of the scripts/ folder at the DejaVu SVN repository. In lieu of that, I have also imported the top-level LICENSE file, which deals primarily with the license on the fonts themselves. However, it does also state that the DejaVu contributions are in the public domain. If that STATEMENT applies to the scripts/ directory as well as to the additions to the DejaVu fonts, then the scripts are also public domain.

If so, I would probably select that as the "license" option here on GitHub, but the wacky new JavaScript-driven license selector they went with on the page doesn't actually work in my browser. Oh well. There is also a good case to be made for choosing a different license; my preference would be for GPLv3+. If you have a strong opinion about that, let me know by filing an issue.

Ultimately, though, I'm not sure how useful these utilities will be in the wild, so it may not affect a lot of people. But at least they're here to study, if nothing else.