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Scaffolds out a boilerplate for front-end development.
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generator-frontend Build Status David

Scaffolds out a boilerplate for front-end development with Grunt and Sass.

  • Local Connect web-server
  • Live reloading
  • Jade templates
  • Sass with Compass and Susy
  • Prefixing your CSS with Autoprefixer
  • CSS linting
  • CSS and JS concatenation/minification
  • Resources revving
  • Image optimization
  • And more...

Getting started

– Install GraphicsMagick (brew install graphicsmagick for OS X)

  • Make sure you have yo installed: npm install -g yo
  • Install the generator: npm install [-g] generator-frontend
  • Run: yo frontend


The generator includes two subgenerators: app and sass. You can run them with these commands: yo frontend:app and yo frontend:sass.

App subgenerator

Scaffolds out some starting files and configs.

Sass subgenerator

Fetches my Sass library and copies it to sass directory (by default).

You should install some required gems first:

$ gem install sass compass susy


MIT License

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