This platform creates strongly-typed, extendable classes for entity framework.
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This platform creates strongly-typed, extendable classes for Entity Framework.

You can always download the latest version from the Visual Studio Gallery


To load and compile this project you need Visual Studio 2013 or greater.

Then install the SDK from the following URL.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 SDK

Then install the DSL toolkit from the following URL.

Modeling SDK for Microsoft Visual Studio 2013

You can now load and build the solution.

When you build the extension will be automatically installed as an extension in the Experimental Hive. You will not see the extension in the main Visual Studio setup. You must open Visual Studio as Experimental Hive. After you install the SDK above this will be a menu item named "Start Experimental Instance of Visual Studio 2013". This will open VS.NET with fresh settings that can be reset if needed.