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Code for the 'Configuring applications with Docker' blogpost
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Configuring applications with Docker

This repository acts as companion code for the blog post, it provides 6 examples:

  • Image with arguments.
  • Image that includes files.
  • Container with runtime arguments.
  • Container with environment variables.
  • All of the above.

Running examples

Running the examples bares down to just invoking docker build

Image with arguments

docker build \
  --file Dockerfile.build_args \
  --build-args MY_BUILD_ARG1=Foo \
  --build-args MY_BUILD_ARG2=Bar \
  --tag bash_build_args .

You should see the first build argument in the console.

Image that includes files

docker build \
  --file Dockerfile.build_files \
  --tag bash_build_files .

If you connect to the container you should be able to see the files:

docker run -it bash_build_files
$ ls /cat_pics
cat-1045782__480.jpg  cat-2083492__480.jpg  cat-2273598__480.jpg  cat-2934720__480.jpg  cat-323262__480.jpg

Container with runtime arguments

Without script:

docker build \
  --file Dockerfile.run_args \
  --tag bash_run_args .

With script:

docker build \
  --file Dockerfile.run_args_script \
  --tag bash_run_args_script .

And the you can run each container with the message you want to see in the console:

docker run bash_run_args_script This is a Cool Message!!!

Container with environment variables

docker build \
  --file Dockerfile.run_env \
  --tag bash_run_env .

After which you run the container:

docker run -it \
  --env MY_NAME="Jane Smith" \
  --env MY_EMAIL="" \

These two environment variables are available in the shell (eg. echo $MY_NAME)

All of the above

First we need to build the image:

docker build \
  --build-args github_account="<your GitHub account>" \
  --build-args github_repository_name=<your GitHub fork> \
  --tag petshop .

After you can run the container, mounting where uploaded images should go:

docker run \
  --publish 7000:7000 \
  --env JAVA_OPTS="-Xmx1536m" \
  --volume $(pwd)/my_photos:/tmp/petshop/upload \
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