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Server-side authentication

Server-side requests to the nToklo API must be signed using SHA1-HMAC and your API secret. For example, to fetch recommendations using a signed request to authenticate:

Step 1. Produce the request signature

  • Construct a basestring from the request. Notice the format of the basestring, <HTTP_METHOD>&<REQUEST_URI>: GET&

  • Construct a key to be used for SHA1 encryption; it should have the format client_key&client_secret: YzZkYmI2ZGUtYTNiYS00NWQ5LThjOWMtODZiZDBhNzljZjM5&MmExMzY0ZGUtMjc0ZS00NWMyLWExNDMtM2U3OTc4ODljODI2

  • Base64 encode the resulting HMAC_SHA1 hash. This is your request signature: 1d0570f3c1995bfa3974a35731b17ecb51f6b6fb

Here’s a code example of signing a request using the Python Interpreter:

>>> import hmac
>>> from hashlib import sha1
>>> client_key = "YzZkYmI2ZGUtYTNiYS00NWQ5LThjOWMtODZiZDBhNzljZjM5"
>>> client_secret = "MmExMzY0ZGUtMjc0ZS00NWMyLWExNDMtM2U3OTc4ODljODI2"
>>> uri = ""
>>> http_method = "GET"
>>> basestring = "%s&%s" % (http_method, uri)
>>> sha1_key = "%s&%s" % (client_key, client_secret)
>>> signature =, basestring, sha1).hexdigest()
>>> print signature

Step 2. Authorisation header

In order for your request to be authenticated you must provide the Authorization header, which should contain you API key and request signature in the format client_key:signature. The authorisation realm should be NTOKLO.

GET /recommendation?userId=112&productId=10201
Authorization: NTOKLO YzZkYmI2ZGUtYTNiYS00NWQ5LThjOWMtODZiZDBhNzljZjM5:2fa162cb5309764f5efe30fc007684bf29615a9b

Client-side authentication

nToklo also supports client-side requests via Javascript.

In order to authenticate your client-side request you must specify your API key via request parameter. Here’s an example of making a client-side request using jQuery:

  type: "GET",
  dataType: "json",
  url: ""
    + "?client_key=YzZkYmI2ZGUtYTNiYS00NWQ5LThjOWMtODZiZDBhNzljZjM5"
    + "&userId=112&productId=10201"
}).done(function(data) {
  console.log("Response: " + JSON.stringify(data));