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A very simple and lightweight Indavideo downloader service written in PHP. Needs cURL to be allowed and configured properly (will not run on most free webhosts).


  1. Send a GET request to downloader.php with one parameter, url.
  2. The response is a JSON encoded object with the following format:

In case of error (please bear with me, error messages are in Hungarian):

  'success': false, 
  'message': 'Error message'

If successful:

  'success'  : true,
  'video_url': 'http://video.url'


Licensed under GNU GPLv3



  • Add file token to the retrieved URL to avoid 403 errors


  • Now automatically adds http:// to the URL if not already set
  • Better pattern for validaint URLs (no more need to strip query strings)
  • Download is now triggered with an ENTER keypress
  • Updated user agent
  • Updated CURL code
  • Added back button
  • Renamed main script do downloader.php

Site layout

I've also published the layout and JS of the original site found at The same license is applied to it, feel free to reuse.