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TinkPhone using the Raspberry Pi SBC.
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Tinker's blog post demonstrates how to get KDE Plasma working on a Raspberry Pi, giving a phone-like interface and touch input to Raspbian. The blog suggests some milestones along the journey to the goal of making a FOSSH smartphone concept, and links to a Github Wiki.

This fork contains a set of scripts intended to automate the process documented in Tinker's blog: to make it easy to fetch, unpack, modify, and repack a Raspbian image, ready for flashing to an SD card.

Some milestones/aims/roadmap, in a probably different order to in Tinkers' blog:

  • Make a Raspi Be A Smartphone
    • an easy way to modify Raspi images would be nice, hence these scripts

    • Make a Raspi Have a Touch Screen Interface (Suitable For a Smartphone)

      • configure config.txt for touch input ✔️
      • add KDE Plasma Mobile
    • Make a Raspi Connect to the Internet with WiFi ✔️

    • Make a Raspi Connect with a SIM Card

      • Make a Raspi Make A Telephone Call
      • Make a Raspi Send A Text Message

In the near future I'll be looking at GSM/3G/4G connnectivity with WvDial, then reapproaching the KDE installation.


Once the repo is cloned, there is a at the root. This script is how tinkphone commands are executed. <repo>/ can:

  • init - create working directories
  • clean --fresh - clean working directories, including any downloaded image files and backups
  • fetch - get a new Raspbian
  • unpack - unpack the .img or re-verify existing
  • inspect - requires sudo to mount the image partitions and backup files
  • build - requires sudo to mount the image partitions and alter/add files
  • restore-backup - restores files backed up by inspect into your .img (sudo required)
  • pack - packs the image to a zip file ready for flashing to your Raspberry Pi

'Build' Configuration

The following modifications to the Raspbian image are all disabled by default in <repo>/conf/tinkphone.local and actioned by the build command.

  • Configure HDMI/touchscreen
  • Configure Enable OpenGL Driver
  • Configure Enable SSH
  • Configure wpa_supplicant for WiFi connectivity
  • Configure WvDial for 3G/4G connectivity
    • WIP
  • Automate KDE Plasma Mobile installation
    • WIP


Use something like Etcher to flash the .zip at <repo>/workspace/build to your SD card.


Being properly GPL compliant is hard, hardware is hard, SIM cards are hard. Nonetheless, the software is probably out there to do all this, so this repo aims to tackle that end of things at least on a functional level.


It's too early for a realistic list, but, soon:

  • wvdial
  • KDE Plasma Mobile
  • Better build (I need to learn how live-image works because rootstock is deprecated)


This software is provided as is with absolutely no expectation that it does any of what it says it does nor that it doesn't do any of what it doesn't say it doesn't. So there's that.

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