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Customizable Pong with powerups, using PyGame
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##Singleplayer Instructions:
UP and DOWN arrow keys to move the pad.

##Multiplayer Instructions:
UP and DOWN arrow keys to move the right pad.
LEFT arrow key to dash with the right pad.

W and S to move the left pad.
D to dash with the left pad.

##Powerups: Bonus (SP Only) Gives bonus points
Charge (MP Only) Charges the dash
Duplicate Creates a duplicate ball
Explosive (MP Only) Ball will take extra lives once a player loses
Extend Pad becomes larger
Invisible Ball Ball becomes almost invisible
Invisible Pad Pad becomes almost invisible
Life (MP Only) Player gains an extra life
Multiplier (SP Only) Increases score multiplier
Shrink Pad reduces in size
Slow Ball slows down
Speed Ball speeds up
Spin Ball randomly switches direction
Stun Ball has a chance to stun a player
Teleport Ball will randomly teleport

##Konami Code:
Use the Konami Code on the main menu and unlock access to hidden sliders. Restarting the game before tweaking the settings is recommended.

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