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Velocity Prestashop Module Installation Documentation

  1. Download velocity Prestashop Module by clicking on Download zip button on the right bottom of this page.

  2. Configuration Requirement: Prestashop site Version 1.6.0 or above version must be required for our velocity payment module installation.

  3. Installation & Configuration of Module from Admin Panel:  Login Prestashop admin panel and goto Dashboard Modules option, click on “modules” menu on left side of dashboard menus then display modules panel shows all uploaded module listed below.

 Top Right of the dashboard click on “Add a new module” button. Show Upload Module Panel.

 Click on “Choose a file” button and select zipped module file from system then Click on “Upload this module” for upload the module in prestashop module section and listed in “MODULES LIST” below.

 After successful upload Module listed in Prestashop “MODULES LIST” and ready for installation just click on “install” button.

 After successful installation, module configuration page open for save your configuration and test the module.


  1. IdentityToken: - This is long lived security token provided by velocity to merchant.

  2. WorkFlowId/ServiceId: - This is service id provided by velocity to merchant.

  3. ApplicationProfileId: - This is application id provided by velocity to merchant.

  4. MerchantProfileId: - This is merchant id provided by velocity to merchant.

  5. Test Mode :- This is for test the module, if checked the checkbox then test mode enable and no need to save “WorkFlowId/ServiceId & MerchantProfileId” otherwise unchecked the checkbox and save “WorkFlowId/ServiceId & MerchantProfileId” for live payment.

  6. We have saved the raw request and response objects in <prefix>_velocity_transaction table.