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Velocity Zencart Module Installation Documentation

  1. Configuration Requirement: Zencart site Version 1.5 or above version must be required for our velocity payment module installation.

  2. Download velocity Zencart Module by clicking on Download zip button on the right bottom of this page.

  3. Installation & Configuration of Module from Admin Panel: Unzip module code and open "zen_velocity_module" folder upload the code on your server as per the directory structure matched with your zencart dircetory structure and admin folder may be change but admin folder content upload in your admin folder after upload on code Login login admin panel and click on 'Modules' Menu option then click on 'payment'.

Show the list of all payment module listed after succesfull upload your velocity module is also listed.

Select our module after that right side of panel show a button for install the module and configure the module save velocity credential and also enbale/disable module on Testing mode or production mode.


  1. Identity Token: - This is security token provided by velocity to merchant.
  2. WorkFlowId/ServiceId: - This is servuce id provided by velocity to merchant.
  3. ApplicationProfileId: - This is Application id provided by velocity to merchant.
  4. MerchantProfileId: - This is Merchant id provided by velocity to merchant.
  5. Test Mode :- This is for test the module, if select dropdwon for test mode enable and no need to save “WorkFlowId/ServiceId & MerchantProfileId” otherwise select the production mode and save “WorkFlowId/ServiceId & MerchantProfileId” for live payment.

For Refund option at admin side first open customers->oders list and then 'View Orders' and click on perticular order refund is process after change the order status 'Velocity Refund' shows the refund form with refund shipping checkbox then put amount and 'Process Refund' or 'Not Now'.

For upadte/uninstall the velocity module of Zencart goto Modules Menu option then select module and edit for change the configuration and for uninstallation remove the module but code not remove from sever.

  1. We have saved the raw request and response objects in <prefix>_velocity_transactions table.


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