Http Basic, Digest Authentication Module with IP Restriction
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Http Auth Module

This is Simple Http Authentication HttpModule for ASP.NET (MVC).

  • Basic Authentication
  • Digest Authentication
  • Restrict IP Address (ip4 or ip6)
  • Basic or Digest Authentication don't tounch HttpContext.Current.User.
  • Ignore Path Regex.(specified path skip authentication)
  • Ignore IP Address.(specified IP skip authentication)

** Http Auth Module targets the .NET Framework 4.5 **


Apache License 2.0

Quick start

Get Nuget package.

PM> Install-Package HttpAuthModule

After Getting, configure Web.config file. It's all you do for using HttpAuthModule.


Modify Web.config file.

Configure on httpAuthModule section or appSettings section.
** appSetting section is prior to httpAuthModule section. **

configure on httpAuthModule section

    <section name="httpAuthModule" type="System.Configuration.NameValueFileSectionHandler" />

      [required] Http Authentication Mode.
      - Basic: Basic authentication
      - Digest: Digest authentication
      - None: No authentication -->
    <add key="AuthMode" value="Digest"/>
    <!-- [optional] default is "SecureZone" -->
    <add key="Realm" value="SecureZone"/>
    <!-- [required if http auth on] user1:pass1;user2:pass2;... -->
    <add key="Credentials" value="hoge:hogepass;foo:foopass;"/>
    <!-- [optional] Digest Auth Nonce Valid Duration Minutes. default is 120 -->
    <add key="DigestNonceValidDuration" value="120"/>
    <!-- [required if digest auth on] Digest Auth Nonce Salt -->
    <add key="DigestNonceSalt" value="uht9987bbbSAX" />
      [optional] If set, specified IPs are only allowed: otherwize All IPs are allowed.
      value is joined IP Range Combination as following.
      - (equals to
      - 2001:0db8:bd05:01d2:288a:1fc0:0001:0000/16
      - ::1 (equals to ::1/128)

      e.g);;;::1 -->
    <add key="RestrictIPAddresses" value=";::1"/>
    <!-- [optional] If set, specified pattern url request skip http auth and IP Restriction. -->
    <add key="IgnorePathRegex" value="^/Home/Ignore$|^/Ignore\.aspx$"/>
      [optional] If set,specified IPs requests skip http auth Restriction.
      value format is same as 'RestrictIPAddresses'
    <add key="IgnoreIPAddresses" value=";::1"/>

      <add type="HttpAuthModule.HttpAuthModule" name="HttpAuthModule"/>

configure on appSettings section

    <add key="HttpAuthModule.AuthMode" value="Digest" />
    <add key="HttpAuthModule.Realm" value="SecureZone"/>
    <add key="HttpAuthModule.Credentials" value="hoge:hogepass;foo:foopass;"/>
    <add key="HttpAuthModule.DigestNonceValidDuration" value="120"/>
    <add key="HttpAuthModule.DigestNonceSalt" value="uht9987bbbSAX" />
    <add key="HttpAuthModule.RestrictIPAddresses" value=";::1"/>
    <add key="HttpAuthModule.IgnorePathRegex" value="^/Home/Ignore$|^/Ignore\.aspx$"/>
    <add key="HttpAuthModule.IgnoreIPAddresses" value=";::1"/>

      <add type="HttpAuthModule.HttpAuthModule" name="HttpAuthModule"/>

If you apply only http requests for ASP.NET Resource(default.aspx /controller/action, but image.gif, index.html), change "modules -> add" element.

    <!-- add preCondition="managedHandler" -->
    <add type="HttpAuthModule.HttpAuthModule" name="HttpAuthModule" preCondition="managedHandler" />

Disable HttpAuthModule by AppSettings

if you add HttpAuthModuleEnabled=false to appSettings, HttpAUthModule doesn't run.

    <add key="HttpAuthModuleEnabled" value="false" />   

Usage for PHP

  1. create bin dir(ectory) into root dir.
  2. put HttpAuthModule.dll into bin dir.
  3. put Web.config into root dir.

HttpAuthModule.dll and Web.config is here,

please see detail,