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The second iteration for Landing Page 2, reflecting updated designs.
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The second iteration for Landing Page 2, reflecting updated designs.

v1.1 (July 12th, 2018):

  • Second release of Landing Page 2.

  • Fixes:

    • iPhone/macOS browsers border issue no more. Used hr element with gradient property.
    • Added more resolutions under media queries for centerdiv.
  • Issues:

    • Slight contrast issues with left icon.
    • Need a few more photos for slideshow.
    • iPhone 8+: Slideshow has weird transitioning when sliding across. Could be because of size of each photo. WIll add more padding to seperate it. form other elements.
  • Notes:

    • Microsoft Edge will be put on the backlog for now. Will find fix if we get complaints.
    • Next version will have sign up section on the About page.
    • Slideshow will have more pictures for next version, which should iron out the any lasting issues.

v1.0 (July 7th, 2018):

  • First release of Landing Page 2. Future versions will be built on top of v1.0.
  • Issues:
    • iPhone/macOS browsers display full border instead of border-bottom.
    • Microsoft Edge displayed a scroll bar on the x-axis.
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