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A small website that displays your "likes" on a Pinterest style page built in Google App Engine

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Like List create a personal page with your likes and favorites from across the web. You can think of it like except with your 'likes' from various social networks embedded on a Pinterest style page.

Planned Improvements

Infinite scroll, more services, pop out images for a larger view, user thumbnails, personal pages, visuals for tweets with no links and instructions :)

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't provide a users likes without authentication, which defeats the purpose of having a public like list and Google Plus doesn't have an API for retrieving +1's yet.


Screen shot 1


Signup for a Google App Engine account and install the SDK

Getting Started

Change the application name to the one you created in App Engine and update app.yaml

To get Google API keys go to

Checkout the Bootstrap docs on how to compile the less files. To get started style.css has been precompiled and contains all of the css including bootstrap and custom styles.

If you decide to use to convert urls into embeddable content go to to get an API key.

Change the YouTube API Key


Change the API key in

embedly = Embedly('YOUR_EMBEDLY_API_KEY')

Change the Google Analytics tracking code in base.html:

_gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'YOUR_GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_API_HERE']);

Change the share button urls and html meta data in base.html.

To start the development server run:

python2.5 `which` <Your App Name>

To upload run: update <Your App Name>


Nothing special here. Just come up with a unique brand name and design.


Like List by Nabil Tewolde is licensed under the GPLv3 license.

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