Modified STM32F4 Discovery Demo Firmware from ST compile with arm-none-eabi-gcc
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STM32F4 Discovery Demo Firmware for arm-none-eabi-gcc

Version V1.0.1

From ST's documentation... The STM32F4-Discovery Board Firmware Applications Package provides ready-to-run firmware examples to support quick evaluation and development on STM32F4-Discovery board. For more information on the STM32F4-Discovery and to download the available firmware package visit

Peripheral Examples

  • ADC3_DMA
  • EXTI
  • IWDG
  • TIM_ComplementarySignals
  • ADC_Interleaved_DMAmode2
  • FLASH_Program
  • MEMS
  • RCC
  • TIM_PWM_Input
  • DAC_SignalsGeneration
  • FLASH_Write_Protection
  • PWR_CurrentConsumption
  • TIM_PWM_Output
  • IO_Toggle
  • SysTick
  • TIM_TimeBase



git clone
cd STM32F4-Discovery_FW_V1.0.1/Project/IO_Toggle
make && make program
openocd -f ../../openocd_config/openocd.cfg -f ../../openocd_config/stm32f4x.cfg

In another terminal

(gdb) target extended localhost:3333
(gdb) # reset and halt the chip
(gdb) monitor halt
(gdb) # load symbol files
(gdb) file demo.elf
(gdb) # load demo.elf into RAM
(gdb) load demo.elf
Loading section .isr_vector, size 0x188 lma 0x8000000
Loading section .text, size 0xc5c lma 0x8000188
Loading section .data, size 0x38 lma 0x8000de4
Start address 0x8000d6c, load size 3612
Transfer rate: 6 KB/sec, 1204 bytes/write.
(gdb) run the program. hit Control-C to stop
(gdb) continue