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WordPress Plugin Analytics - Hooks Usage

This project consists of a command line tool that can be used to extract hook usage information from WordPress and all the public plugins.

Building the project

To build this project, make sure you have dotnet core installed, check out this code and run:

  • dotnet restore
  • dotnet build

Initial setup configuration

The tool relies on Azure blob storage and data lake analytics to perform its operations. Config settings should be placed in config.json. You can use config.template.json as a template. Here's some more information about these settings:

  • StorageCredentials: The connection string used to connect to you blog storage account
  • BlobContainerName: The blog container name to store everything in
  • AppDomain: This is normally the "domain" name that you see when you hover your mouse over your name in the upper right corder of the Azure portal
  • AppId: You'll need to create an "App Registration" in Azure and grant the app access to your Data Lake accounts
  • AppSecret: Create an access key for the App that you register
  • DatalakeAccount: The name of the Data Lake Analytics and storage accounts


Here are the commands/steps for running this tool:

  • dotnet run download to copy WordPress and all the plugins to blob storage
  • dotnet run extract to extract hook usage from WordPress and the plugins
  • dotnet run datalake upload to upload the two extraction files to Data Lake storage
  • dotnet run datalake submit to run the Analytics job
  • dotnet run datalake download to download the results from Data Lake storage

You can also use dotnet run datalake list-files and dotnet run datalake list-jobs to see files and jobs in your data lake account.