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The .NET client api is a wrapper library on top of the native nabto client library.

Using the Nabto Client .NET library.

The Nabto Client .NET library is available at . Simply install the package using nuget and start using nabto from .NET

Building the Nabto Client .NET library

If you for some reasons needs to modify the provided .NET library then this section is for you.

The Nabto Client .NET library is a wrapper library around the native Nabto client API. The native Nabto client API is available in the package NabtoClientNative. The Nabto Client .NET wrapper is however available here and hackable.

git clone this repo

cd src/NabtoClient
dotnet restore
dotnet build -c Release
dotnet pack -c Release

Or run the script ./


The library can be build on linux/mac using the microsoft/dotnet docker container. Run the script to build the Library in a docker container.


A number of examples are provided.


The fetchurl example show how a rpc request can be made using the legacy html device driver approach.


The RPC example shows how to make an rpc request. Using a client defined rpc schema.


The stream echo example show how a stream can be made and data can be echoed on this stream.


The stream terminal is a cli example which show how you can make a stream and the bytes written at the terminal will be written to the stream and bytes from the stream is written to the terminal.


The tunnel example shows how to use the Library to create a TCP tunnel over Nabto streaming.

Changing NabtoClient library in the examples.

All the examples depend on the NabtoClient api from NuGet. This can be overriden by asking visual studio to use a custom NuGet repository like a local folder and change the NabtoClient package versin to the local develpoment version.



The NabtoTunnelManager is a gui tunnelling manager for TCP over Nabto streaming tunnels. It can be used to manage e.g. rtsp, ssh, http, ... tunnels.

Code style

4 spaces and \n as newline.