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Nabto Android JCenter Demo

Simple app that demonstrates how to use the Nabto Client SDK to do P2P RPC invocations and establish tunnels. It uses the Nabto Android Client API from JCenter.


To keep the app simple, device ids are hard coded in the source code to public Nabto demos. Also, there is no device pairing - meaning that the target device must have access control disabled.

You can replace the hard coded device ids with ids of your own devices, obtained through the Nabto Cloud Console. As device applications to run on your own, use the Nabto weather station demo and the device tunnel application. They both support disabled access control and can be used as-is with this demo.

For production, of course access control must be enabled - read more about access control in this article. For a more advanced demo that includes full access control, see the Nabto Heat Control demo.

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