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Jorjin Ameba Arduino Library

This library enables the usage of the uNabto framework on an Ameba board. The accompanying example LightSwitch.ino controls an attached LED remotely using the framework.

What is needed to run the example

To run the example we need to install the Ameba board libraries and the Ameba specific uNabto files. We also need a device name and key, both of which can be created at

Furthermore a LED (and appropriate resistor) is needed.

Step 1: Download General Ameba Libraries install

Follow the steps laid out here to install the general Ameba libraries into the Arduino IDE OR read it right here:

Open up the Arduino IDE. Click File -> Preferences and then copy this

into the Additional Boards Manager URLs input field. Click OK

Now click Tools --> Board: -> Boards Manager

Here we search for Ameba and click Install

The Jorjin Ameba board Arduino libraries are now installed

Step 2: uNabto libraries install

There are two ways of getting the uNabto libraries.

Using git

git clone --recursive

then change directory to the unabto-jorjin-sdk folder and run


OR download the release zip file

No matter which way, we can now add the library to the Arduino IDE via Sketch -> Include Library -> Add .ZIP Library... and then browse to and add the unabto-jorjin-sdk folder that was just downloaded.

Run the example

We can now open the LightSwitch.ino example by going to File -> Examples -> Nabto-Ameba -> LightSwitch

Here we need to enter the SSID and password of the wireless network we want to attach to. Furthermore we need to input the device name and key we created at

Finally we need to remember to wire the LED and resistor up like so (try switching pins around if it does not work at first) alt tag

When the example is compiled and uploaded to the device we simply need to press the reset button (see the above image). The board should now reset, connect to the specified wifi network and run uNabto.

We can now control the LED by going to in the browser of your choice. (devicename is the unique name created at The browser will present us with a login prompt, simply click guest. We can now control the LED by moving the slider.

See it in action

Click the image to see the LightSwitch.ino usage example in action. Ameba blink