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* Use plain distutils for install command, this fixes installation of
the greenlet.h header.
* Enhanced arm32 support
* Fix support for Linux/S390 zSeries
* Workaround compiler bug on RHEL 3 / CentOS 3
* Use sphinx to build documentation and publish it on
* Prevent segfaults on openbsd 4/i386
* Workaround gcc-4.0 not allowing to clobber rbx
* Enhance test infrastructure
* Fix possible compilation problems when including greenlet.h in C++ mode
* Make the greenlet module work on x64 windows
* Add a test for greenlet C++ exceptions
* Fix compilation on Solaris with SunStudio
* Fix various crashes with recent gcc versions and VC90
* Try to fix stack save/restore on arm32
* Store and restore the threadstate on exceptions like pypy/stackless do
* GreenletExit is now based on BaseException on Python >= 2.5
* Switch to using PyCapsule for Python 2.7 and 3.1
* Port for AIX on PowerPC
* Fix the sparc/solaris header
* Improved build dependencies patch from flub.
* Can't pass parent=None to greenlet.greenlet() (fixes #21)
* Rudimentary gc support (only non-live greenlets are garbage collected though)
* Fix reference leak when passing keyword arguments to greenlets (mbachry)
* Updated documentation.
* Python 3 support.
* New C API to expose Greenlets to C Extensions.
* greenlet.switch() now accept's keyword arguments.
* Fix Python crasher caused by switching to new greenlet from another thread.
* Fix Python 2.6 crash on Windows when built with VS2009. (arigo)
* arm32 support from stackless (Sylvain Baro)
* Linux mips support (Thiemo Seufer)
* MingGW GCC 4.4 support (Giovanni Bajo)
* Fix for a threading bug (issue 40 in py lib) (arigo and ghazel)
* Loads more unit tests, some from py lib (3 times as many as Greenlet 0.2)
* Add documentation from py lib.
* General code, documentation and repository cleanup (Kyle Ambroff, Jared Kuolt)