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ComiXology Promo Downloader

ComiXology has a great promo running ( - signups might be closed by now), giving away 723 free comics. Unfortunately most people don't have time to go through and either hand select all 723 or find the ones that they really want.

Here's where grab-comixology helps, pop in your promo url from your invite email, your password and hit "Start" and watch as all of the comics are added to your cart. Then all you need to do is checkout and you are now the proud owner of the entire 723 comics!



Why does the app crash failing find "password" or something like that?

You're probably logged in already in IE. Log out of your account and then back in.


I figured most people don't have comiXology logged in all the time and probably not on IE, so I never coded up the "if already logged in" case. Feel free to do so yourself :)

Why do I need to check out of the cart myself?

Just in case you actually have something of value in there :)

Why does the UI suck?

I spent 30 minutes tops on this, most of which was futzing around with WatiN - which is actually a pretty cool automation library. So not time to focus on spit and finish but rather on "let's get this working and then get back to real work".