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-### iPhoto '11 plugin example
+### iPhoto '11 Export PlugIn example
-This plugin varely does something useful but it demonstrates how to create export plugins.
-This project is an update of [this old but super useful post]( so it compiles with Xcode4 and runs with iPhoto '11 (yeahh!). It works with some small modifications.
+This project is based on [this old but super useful post]( which was great but iPhoto plugin protocols have changed a bit, furthermore Xcode is now completely different… this version addresses those problems and runs with iPhoto '11 using the latest Xcode4 :)
-**Some notes**
+**One step before running it with Xcode**
-To run with iPhoto with Xcode:
+Besides having iPhoto in the usual location off-course, make sure you have enough permissions:
-1. Make sure you have iPhoto selected in the "Executable" menu in the "Info" pane of your scheme. By doing this Xcode will run iPhoto when you press Cmd+R
+ $ sudo chmod o+w /Applications/
-2. "Per-configuration build products path" should be by default something like `$(BUILD_DIR)/$(CONFIGURATION)$(EFFECTIVE_PLATFORM_NAME)`, change it to something suitable like `/Applications/` so the bundle is created directly inside Contents/PlugIngs/ of and can be debugged.
+**Why do you need to do this?**
-3. One last step, make sure you have the rigth permissions so Xcode can write the product inside iPhoto (This is *obviously* not an optimal solution but it will do the job for now: `$ chmod 777 /Applications/`)
+Because two things have been changed in Xcode project for easier debug:
+- is the executable of the debug configuration
+- "Per-configuration build products path" has been changed to `/Applications/` so the bundle is created directly inside Contents/PlugIngs/ of (default was `$(BUILD_DIR)/$(CONFIGURATION)$(EFFECTIVE_PLATFORM_NAME)` )
+Recent versions of iPhoto has at least three kinds of plugins: *ExportPlugin*, *accountconfigplugin* and *publisher*
+My goal is to create a *publisher* plugin for other services than Facebook or Flickr.

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