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df3 not defined in the readme #4

tbates opened this Issue · 2 comments

2 participants

Tim Bates Nacho Caballero
Tim Bates

hi nacho,
example 3 in the readme attempts to modify df3, but this data.frame has not yet been created...

# visualize an interactive heatmap alongside a parallel coordinates plot
rownames(df3) <- paste0("GENE_", 1:25)
colnames(df3) <- paste0("sample_", 1:8)
clickme(df3, "longitudinal_heatmap") # you will need to have a local server running for this example to work
Tim Bates

this is fixed in tbates@3e596ba

Tim Bates tbates closed this
Nacho Caballero

Awesome. Thanks, Tim.

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