a tool to analyze file system usage written in Rust
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a tool to analyze file system usage written in Rust



  • coloured output, according to the LS_COLORS environment variable.
  • display the file system tree
  • ability to aggregate small files
  • ability to exclude files or directories
  • ability to compare different directories
  • fast, written in Rust

More details at ownyourbits.com.


 $ dutree --help
Usage: dutree [options] <path> [<path>..]

    -d, --depth [DEPTH] show directories up to depth N (def 1)
    -a, --aggr [N[KMG]] aggregate smaller than N B/KiB/MiB/GiB (def 1M)
    -s, --summary       equivalent to -da, or -d1 -a1M
    -u, --usage         report real disk usage instead of file size
    -b, --bytes         print sizes in bytes
    -f, --files-only    skip directories for a fast local overview
    -x, --exclude NAME  exclude matching files or directories
    -H, --no-hidden     exclude hidden files
    -A, --ascii         ASCII characters only, no colors
    -h, --help          show help
    -v, --version       print version number


cargo install dutree

There's also standalone binaries for Linux in the Releases section

Arch Linux

You can install the AUR package with an AUR helper like pacaur, or manually:

git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/dutree.git
cd dutree
makepkg -si