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Port of Ash entity framework to HaXe
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Fix error in Engine.removeAllSystems not setting next to null on removed systems.
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Dan Korostelev authored

This is a HaXe port of the awesome Ash entity component framework by Richard Lord ( It leverages HaXe's great cross-platform portability and runs on Flash, JavaScript, C++, Android, iOS and so on. Also it uses much static typing features of HaXe, allowing more mistakes to be detected at compile time instead of runtime than in original ActionScript 3 version.

Check out original Ash website for great articles on entity frameworks and game development.


  • Port serialization stuff. This is kind of tricky because original Ash uses reflection and we are trying to avoid it, so we gotta be smart about macros.
  • Refine access control for private classes and fields. Original Ash used internal class/field feature of AS3, in Haxe we need to use ACL metadata.
  • Review generacted code on performance, add inlines (especially important to inline iterators)

Author: Dan Korostelev

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