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Filippo is a Javascript 3D Math and Vector Drawing Library named after
Filippo Brunelleschi, one of the foremost architects and engineers of the
Italian Renaissance and inventor of linear perspective. Filippo uses
SVG/VML, so no plugin is required.


- fix fill transparency on IE
- more extensive IE tests
- rotate Cone 90 degrees initially
- Use Delaunay Triangulation for Spheres
- Add kind of Spherical Transition
- Add some sort of algorithm to align sizes of predefined objects - eventually
  this can be achieved by taking a closer look at the object's default values
- add Filippo.boundingboxes.AxesInline/AxesOutline
- fast mode: path/color only ('changed' attribute BaseObject -> Poly [Observer])
- Rubik's Cube iPhone App (half way through)
- build customizable animation mechanism for either scenes and objects
- animation: setTimeout handling from Elise?
- Add Image Object with texture support (@see jscloth) - then no further
  support for raytracing in what way ever
- port some ChromeExperiments examples
- Add more flexible support for text, e.g. darken/lighten color; size etc.;
  eventually as own Object