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Easy Cygwin installation guide!

Why Cygwin

Cygwin is a Unix console container for windows. If you are used to work with Git-Bash (MinGW), it is way more powerful! The combination on Cygwin and ConEmu will provide you with a fast, easy tool to work, plus it support, screen splitting, tabs, keyboard shortcuts, and it can be personalized to fit your needs.

How to install Cygwin?

first, head over to and download the latest version of cygwin.

run it, and when you see this screen:

make sure to install svn ! you will need it later to install apt-cyg

beside that, add packages you need, like git, python, wget, kdiff etc.

Install apt-cyg

apt-cyg is a command line tool to install new software. much like apt-get, brew, mac-ports or yum. got to and follow the instructions.

to use it, open cygwin and type apt-cyg install [your package name]

Install con-emu

ConEmu is a console container for the Cygwin, it enables you to have tabs, shortcuts and what not! download and install it from here

Connecting ConEmu to Cygwin

to connect ConEmu to you Cygwin, go to settings (win+alt+p) > Startup > Tasks > and hit the + sign. name the task Cygwin and the in the commands box type C:\cygwin\Cygwin.bat.

now, choose startup in the left menu, choose specified named task and choose cygwin.


> thanks [@Moussab](

Assigning a keyboard shortcut

I suggest assigning a keyboard shortcut to the console, it can be done in Keys & Macro and my suggestion is to assign Ctrl+Shift+~ to Minimize/Restore.

Personalize your console

Here are some usefull links:


A guide for Cygwin and ConEmu installation






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