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Simple Meta Boxes

A simple PHP class for creating Wordpress meta boxes and custom fields. Simple Meta Boxes was designed to be used as a boilerplate class. It is simple to understand, works right out of the box and is extremely easy to extend, tweak and reconfigure. The purpose of this class is not to give you an all-in-one bloated meta fields solution, but instead provide a solid base to build upon and use efficiently in your projects.

Easy to Pick Up

  • Include the class and create your Wordpress meta boxes and meta fields with a few lines of code.
  • Comprehensive wiki pages and a plethora of examples help you learn and master the class quickly.

Light, Flexible and Easy to Customize

  • Super short php class designed to be efficient, small and readable.
  • Built from the ground up to allow the creation of custom field types and sanitation methods.
  • Intuitive PHP sanitation methods and filters.
  • Supports any and all versions of PHP.
  • A dedicated javascript validation class gives you even more control.

All Those Other Shiny Bells and Whistles

  • Doesn't leave any Wordpress footprint.
  • Supports file and media uploading fields.
  • Create repeatable fields and repeatable groups.
  • Regular and seamless meta box styles are available.


A simple PHP class for creating Wordpress meta boxes and custom fields.





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