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Comments Frederik 5.12.2005
ezcDBfactory::create - param should be a struct, not an array
ezcDBfactory::parseDSN - should return a struct, not an array
ezcDBfactory::parseDSN - rewrite, or obey the license it has (PHP License)
ezcDbHandler::__construct - $dbParams should be a struct, not an array
ezcDbHandler::__destruct - throws an exception. Since we don't know when this is called it is impossible to
catch it. Doesn't seem like a good idea to me.
ezcDbHandler::hasFeature - What features can you actually query for?
ezcDbHandler::processLimitOffset seems a bit misplaced. Maybe have this only in the SQL abstraction layer instead.
ezcDbInstance::chooseDefault - rename to setDefault
ezcDbInstance::set - this name is to vague I think.
ezcDbInstance::set - what the hell happens if you don't specify the $identifier, why not use that instead of