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Some issues in Graph (Alexandru, 22-11-2007)
[x] If using a 3D renderer with Radar and Odometer (usually nobody does this)
you get 2 different errors:
Radar: ezcBaseValueException: The value 'O:18:"ezcGraphRenderer3d":16:{s:19:"
in /home/as/dev/ezcomponents/trunk/Graph/src/charts/radar.php on line 165
Odometer: Fatal error: Call to undefined method ezcGraphRenderer3d::drawOdometer()
in /home/as/dev/ezcomponents/trunk/Graph/src/charts/odometer.php on line 137
[x] ezcGraphOdometerChart has no class doc-block - most likely will end up
in the NoPackageName section on
(same with some classes in Webdav). It should also be marked as @mainclass.
[ ] Odometer chart linear gradient looks different in Flash and Svg (more green on
the left side in Svg and almost no green in Flash, using the default palette).
# I will open a bug for this, because this is still a general issue with
# gradients in flash...
[x] Odometer chart does not do gradient colors in Gd (but probably this is documented).
# GD can't draw any gradients (in a reasonable time), so yes, it is
# documented.
[x] ezcGraphOdometerChart has some white space issues (eg. in foreach).
[x] graph_autoload.php: src/math/term.php is missing (and docanalysis.php tool does
not work).
# This class is not used anywhere yet, and automatically included. Removed
# from autoload file.
[x] Some more doc block issues are revealed after running docanalysis.php.