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REST client to consume and interact with Hypermedia APIs
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REST client to consume and interact with Hypermedia API, using JSON as Media Type.


Restfolia is a REST client and it's main goal is help you consume and interact with Hypermedia APIs.

Against the grain, Restfolia is very opinionated about some REST's concepts:

  • Aims only JSON Media Type.
  • All responses are parsed and returned as Restfolia::Resource.
  • Less is more. Restfolia is very proud to be small, easy to maintain and evolve. You can compare Restfolia's code with "Similar Projects" at page's bottom.
  • Restfolia::Resource is Ruby object with attributes from JSON and can optionally contains hypermedia links which have to be a specific format. See the examples below.
  • All code is very well documented, using TomDoc style.

Obs: This is a draft version. Not ready for production (yet!).


You can find more information about arquitecture REST below:

Examples of use

// GET http://localhost:9292/recursos/busca
{ "itens_por_pagina" : 10,
  "paginal_atual" : 1,
  "paginas_totais" : 1,
  "query" : "",
  "total_resultado" : 100,
  "resultado" : [ { "id" : 1,
                    "name" : "Test1",
                    "links" : [ { "href" : "http://localhost:9292/recursos/id/1",
                          "rel" : "recurso",
                          "type" : "application/json"
                    } ]
                  { "id" : 2,
                    "name" : "Test2",
                    "links" : [ { "href" : "http://localhost:9292/recursos/id/2",
                          "rel" : "recurso",
                          "type" : "application/json"
                    } ]
  "links" : { "href" : "http://localhost:9292/recursos/busca",
      "rel" : "self",
      "type" : "application/json"
// GET http://localhost:9292/recursos/id/1
{ "id"    : 1,
  "name"  : "Test1",
  "links" : { "href" : "http://localhost:9292/recursos/id/1",
              "rel" : "self",
              "type" : "application/json"
# getting a resource
resource ='http://localhost:9292/recursos/busca').get
resource.pagina_atual  # => 1
resource.resultado  # => [#<Resource ...>, #<Resource ...>]

# example of hypermedia navigation
r1 = resource.resultado.first
r1 = r1.links("recurso").get  # => #<Resource ...>  # => "Test1"

Similar Projects

What is "folia"?

Folia is a portuguese word and a simple translation in English can be:

sf merry-making, merriment, revelry. que folia! what a fun!


Restfolia is copyright 2012 Roger Leite and contributors. It is licensed under the MIT license. See the include MIT-LICENSE file for details.

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