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Source Code For Scala Tutorials From www.allaboutscala.com


The Scala programming language is rapidly growing in popularity! Sadly, most of the online tutorials do not provide a step-by-step guide :(

At www.allaboutscala.com, we provide a complete beginner's tutorial to help you learn Scala in small, simple and easy steps.

  • Tutorials are organized such that they allow you to learn gradually.
  • Tutorials are written by taking into account the complete beginner.
  • Tutorials will make you proficient with the same professional tools used by the Scala experts.

The Tutorials

Scala Introduction: A general overview of Scala

Chapter 1: Getting familiar with the IntelliJ IDEA

Chapter 2: Learning the basic foundation of Scala

Chapter 3: Thinking In Terms Of Functions

Chapter 4: Think you know Object Oriented using classes?

Chapter 5: Dependency Injection reinvented using traits

Chapter 6: Immutable Collection

Chapter 7: Mutable Collection

Chapter 8: Collection Functions

Chapter 9: Futures

Chapter 10: Cheatsheet and Scala Test





Chapter 11: Learn SBT

Install SBT

sbt run

sbt test

sbt debugging

sbt resources

Chapter 12: Learn Apache Spark 2

Chapter 12 - Part 1

Project Setup

DataFrame SQL Query

Chatper 12 - Part 2

Spark SQL

Chapter 12 - Part 3

DataFrame Statistics

Chapter 12 - Part 4

DataFrame Operations

Spark Functions

Chapter 13 - Learn Akka


Akka Actors

Akka Routers

Akka Dispatchers

Stay in touch via Facebook and Twitter for upcoming tutorials!


Nadim Bahadoor at http://allaboutscala.com/contact/


Apache 2.0 License - see the LICENSE.TXT file