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SGX Embedded Systems DDK for Linux kernel.
Copyright (C) Imagination Technologies Ltd. All rights reserved.
This is the Imagination Technologies SGX DDK for the Linux kernel.
You may use, distribute and copy this software under the terms of
GNU General Public License version 2.
The full GNU General Public License version 2 is included in this
distribution in the file called "COPYING".
Build and Install Instructions
For details see the "INSTALL" file.
To build for, change to the appropriate target directory, e.g.:
$ cd eurasiacon/build/linux/platform/kbuild
Issue the make command:
$ make BUILD=debug all
The DDK software must be installed by the root user. Become the root user:
$ su
Install the DDK software:
$ make install
Become an ordinary user again:
$ exit
Contact information:
Imagination Technologies Ltd. <>
Home Park Estate, Kings Langley, Herts, WD4 8LZ, UK
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