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2 participants pulled from somewhere on xda, seems to work fine as far as stability goes. Take a look if it makes a difference for you - it doesn't seem to make much difference in most cases, the only instance where I could note a clear difference is on, where scrolling is clearly smoother with that patch - elsewhere, it doesn't seem to make much difference even on scrolling, and in some sites it seems to actually worsen scroll smoothness, but maybe that's just me, that's why I'd like your input (or anyone else's).


nadlabak commented Feb 8, 2012

Well, I'm not very convinced to include it.
I've had to compare it phone to phone to see any difference. I was not able to find any page that really makes a significant difference other than the mentioned . And at that page, I noticed quite heavy 16bit color banding present even if the view is static, not scrolling (in the case of the accelerated version).
So I'm not sure if the inclusion of this proprietary HTC library, obviously optimized for different platform than Omap/SGX combo, would be wise move...

Yea, I guess that mirrors my feeling too - there's not too much benefit using that lib, whatever benefit there is in it seems to be on some small corner cases, and I still have that nagging felling I mentioned above about it making things worse on some sites. And yea, I did notice the color banding, but I was willing to put up with that if it meant some reasonable gain in performance (which doesn't seem to be the case), and by having 16 bit transparency enabled on performance settings (as it is by default), there's a lot of color banding elsewhere too anyway.
For now, at least on my branch, I think I'll just set WEBCORE_ACCELERATED_SCROLLING to false but keep the library and makefiles changes just for reference.
Having that library optimized for OMAP/SGX would be ideal, sure, but information on how to build that webkit acceleration library from scratch seems to be scarce...

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