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Open Captions gives the user ability to access the closed captions of their videos on YouTube. A user can select individual words of the closed captions and then see an American Sign Language Representation of the word on the screen. The user can also jump back to the previous caption showed on the screen. Whenever, a word is selected, the video automatically pauses when the ASL is showed on the page. It resumes after the ASL of the word is complete. This also works for videos from Universal Subtitles, an initiative which helps create closed captions for videos on the Internet.
This is just one of the use cases of Open Captions. This can be linked with Google Translate to find out words in other languages (very useful for people for whom English is not the first language). This can also be linked with say Wikipedia and children can learn about a word or a place spoken about on TV
Hopefully this will be useful to a lot of people.
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