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Talk given at on April 10, 2012
CoffeeScript JavaScript
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These are the slides for a talk given at on April 10, 2012. They were put up on Github because of the links and to give a look behind the scenes on how this presentation was made. However, these slides probably aren't very self-explanatory, so go through them at your own risk…

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CoffeeScript - Hijacking JavaScript

CoffeeScript is a nice little programming language™ that aims to bring out the good parts of JavaScript while mixing in some great concepts and syntax sugar from languages like Ruby and Python. The best part: it runs in all browsers – today – and the compiled source is human-readable and actually quite nice to read.

We'll take a good look at the language and its features to see what's so powerful about it. We'll also take a brief look behind the scenes at the parser generator Jison that makes this language and others like it possible. To round things off, we'll discuss the value of what I'd call Trojan horse languages such as CoffeeScript and how they can drive innovation while not breaking the web.


Peter Gassner is an Interaction Designer working at Interactive Things in Zürich.

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This presentation was generously supported by:


The presentation is based on the Shower.js presentation template with quite some custom code. Here are some things you can do:

  • Click any slide to enter presentation mode
  • Use arrow keys to navigate
  • Press Esc to exit presentation mode

Or use just a keyboard to navigate:

  • Press right arrow key to select first slide
  • Press Enter to enter presentation mode
  • Press Esc to exit presentation mode
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