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WaniKani Companion

Chrome Web Store URL License

WaniKani Companion is an extension who integrate all of your WaniKani environnement in your Chrome browser.

WaniKani Companion


  • Profile overview: see your profile summary at a glance (name, sect, level, lessons, reviews, upcoming reviews countdown, and SRS progression).
  • Badge notifications: be notified of your available lessons and reviews on the extension's icon.
  • Desktop notifications: be notified of your lessons and reviews directly on your desktop.
  • Chrome sync integration: the user settings are saved across all your Chrome's instances.
  • WaniKani website integration: display all of WaniKani directly from the extension tab (dashboard, lessons, reviews...).
  • User scripts improvements (extension + standalone HTTPS WaniKani website): the "item info" panel is auto-expanded on reviews et lessons quizzes.


If you just want to use the latest version of WaniKani Companion on your Chrome browser you can directly install the extension from the Chrome Web Store here.

Otherwise, if you want to load the extension from the source code:

  1. Visit chrome://extensions in your browser (or open up the Chrome menu by clicking the icon to the far right of the Omnibox: The menu's icon is three horizontal bars. and select Extensions under the Tools menu to get to the same place).
  2. Ensure that the Developer mode checkbox in the top right-hand corner is checked.
  3. Click "Load unpacked extension" to pop up a file-selection dialog.
  4. Navigate to the directory in which your extension files live, and select it.
  5. Have fun!

For more details about Chrome extensions, WaniKani and development for WaniKani, I suggest you to check:

/!\ This app is integrating a frame of the official HTTPS WaniKani website (https://www.wanikani.com); Using another WaniKani extension at the same time may affect your experience.


Copyright (c) 2015 Lucas Pantanella

The sources are released under the terms of the MIT license.

WaniKani Companion is an unofficial project. All the artistic content located in the 'img/wanikani' folder and https://www.wanikani.com are the property of Tofugu LLC.

Thanks to WaniKani staff for their amazing work!