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Independent project for Hackbright 2018
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Environment: python 2.7

Hackbright Individual Project

  • Technology Stack: Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Flask, Jinja, React, jQuery, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, Bootstrap, passlib

  • APIs Used: Google Place API, MediaWiki (Wikipedia API), Flickr API

  • Description: GooTrip helps you create your own travel guides with personal travel memos –restaurants, activities, personal notes – anything you would love to keep up with your travels. With GooTrip users can enter the places they would like to visit and attractions within that location. They can then also make personal notes on each attraction. The result is a great, interactive guide with all the places to visit, details about each attraction, a Google map to show where the attractions are located, and photos for each attraction. GooTrip is designed to easily add/update/delete travel details, and uses a machine learning algorithm to provide recommended attractions based on your list and locations others have visited.

Login page




Edit trip content


Using Google Place API, MediaWiki (Wikipedia API), Flickr API


Run GooTrip locally

  1. Clone this repository
cd gootrip
  1. Create an virtual environment
virtualenv env 
source env/bin/activate
  1. Install required packages
pip install -r requirements.txt
  1. Get Flicker API and write in
export FLICKR_API_KEY='your_API_key'
export FLICKR_API_SECRET='your_API_secret_key'
  1. Create database and initialize the tables
createdb gooplanner
  1. Run the server
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