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Welcome to Naemon

Naemon is a host/service/network monitoring program with a very fast C core and a Perl web interface. It is released under the GNU General Public License. It works by scheduling checks of the configured objects and then invoking plugins to do the actual checking. The plugin interface is 100% Nagios compatible, since Naemon is a fork of the aforementioned project.


  • Naemon: Meta package for packaging
  • Naemon-Core: Core scheduler, worker, etc...
  • Naemon-Livestatus: Livestatus API
  • Thruk: Web Gui


Before installing from source, consider using prebuilt native packages which make things a lot easier and cleaner. Daily updated packages for common linux systems can be found at

This repository contains the meta package only. It is not required for a source installation.

git clone --recursive
cd naemon
make [rpm|deb|install]

More info

Visit the Naemon homepage at