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X.1) Debian
X.1.1) Binary
* libsdl1.2debian
* libsdl-image1.2
* libsdl-mixer1.2
* libgl1-mesa-dri
* libxml2
* libfreetype6
* libpng12-0
X.1.2) Source
* libsdl1.2-dev
* libsdl-image1.2-dev
* libsdl-mixer1.2-dev
* libgl1-mesa-dev
* libxml2-dev
* libfreetype6-dev
* libpng12-dev
X.0) Introduction
X.0.0) About
NAEV uses a dynamic keybinding system that allows you to configure
the keybinds to joystick, keyboard or a mixture of both.
X.0.1) Joystick
If you are using a joystick you'll have to tell NAEV which joystick
to use. You can either use the -j or -J parameter from the
commandline or put it in the conf file.
naev -j 0
naev -J "Precision"
joystick = "Precision" # in conf file
X.0.2) Syntax
[reverse = KEY_REVERSE, mod = MOD_IDENTIFIER] }
KEY_IDENTIFIER is the identifier given below
KEY_TYPE can be one of keyboard, jaxis or jbutton
KEY_NUMBER is the number of the key (found with xev usually, just
convert the keysym from hex to base 10)
KEY_REVERSE is whether it is reversed or not, which is only useful
in the case of jaxis
MOD_IDENTIFIER is the modifier to take into account, can be one of:
lctrl, rctrl, lshift, rshift, lmeta, rmeta, ralt, lalt
It isn't used with joystick bindings.
X.0.3) Example
accel = { type = "jbutton", key = 0 }
see conf.example for more examples
X.1) Movement
X.1.1) accel : accelerates the ship. default: up arrow.
X.1.2) left : turns the ship left. default: left arrow.
X.1.3) right : turns the ship right. default: right arrow.
X.1.4) reverse : makes the ship face the direction it's coming from.
default: down arrow
X.1.5) afterburner : uses the ship's afetrburner. default: double tap
and hold up arrow
X.2) Combat
X.2.1) primary : fires primary weapons. default: spacebar.
X.2.2) target : targets next ship. default: tab
X.2.3) target_nearest : targets closest hostile ship. default: r
X.2.4) face : faces the target. default: a
X.2.5) board : board the target. default: b
X.2.6) secondary : fires secondary weapon. default: left shift
X.2.7) secondary_next : switches to the next secondary weapon.
default: w
X.3) Space
X.3.1) target_planet : cycles through planets. default: p
X.3.2) land : attempts to land or targets nearest planet. default: l
X.3.3) thyperspace : cycle through hyperspace routes. default: h
X.3.4) jump : attempt to enter hyperspace. default: j
X.3.5) starmap : opens the stellar map. default: m
X.4) Gui
X.4.1) mapzoomin : zooms in the minimap. default: 9.
X.4.2) mapzoomout : zooms out in the minimap. default: 0.
X.4.3) screenshot : takes a screenshot. default: keypad -
X.4.4) pause : pauses the game. default: z
X.4.5) menu : opens the menu. default: escape
X.4.6) info : opens the character information window. default: i
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